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Chuck Fagan

President & CEO

Brian Scott

Chief Growth Officer

Yvonne Stelpflug

MVP of Account Management

Denise Stevens

Chief Product & Digital Officer

Scott Young

VP of Innovation

Jack Lynch

Chief Risk Officer

Karen Postma

VP of Risk Analytics

Glynn Frechette

Senior Vice President

David Ross

VP of Predictive Analytics

Robert Curran

National Sales Executive

Rini Fredette

SVP, Contact Center Customer Service

Norm Patrick

VP, Advisors Plus Consulting 

Dave Wetzel

SVP, Sales & Marketing, Lumin Digital 

Hunter Vandegriff

Sr. Sales Executive, Lumin Digital

Virtual Event

2021 Primax Virtual Forum

Join us for an action-packed virtual event filled with key strategies, actionable insights and leading solutions to help keep our Primax banks competitive and your customers engaged in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

June 9, 2021 1 – 4 pm Eastern Virtual event: URL and instructions coming soon

Primax Virtual Forum will feature 20-30-minute strategic content sessions to provide you with a high-level overview of the latest partnership updates, growth opportunities and solutions available to our Primax banks on the new Primax platform with PSCU. 


Content sessions include:

  • Meet Your Account Management Leadership Team: Meet your key leadership contacts and gain insights from the new Primax account management organization.
  • CEO Update - Building on Momentum: PSCU’s President and CEO Chuck Fagan will share key market trends and the company's strategic direction to deliver enhanced solution opportunities for Primax banks and your customers.
  • 2021 Strategic Investment Opportunities and Innovation Initiatives: Join our Chief Product & Digital Officer, Denise Stevens, and Vice President of Innovation, Scott Young, to learn more about our 2021 innovation investment strategy, which is focused on deploying digital solutions, improving efficiencies and driving client growth.
  • Understanding Macroecomonic Trends to Shape Your Strategy: Explore the latest macroenomic trends with Advisors Plus consulting leadership to gain insights on how to shape your payments strategy.
  • Addressing Business Challenges with Data Insights: Learn about data science and analytics and how to leverage the robust new Primax platform to grow your customer base and drive efficiencies in your financial institution.
  • Digital Transformation in the Contact Center: Gain insights into new innovation investments being made in the contact center, including Unified Agent Desktop (UAD), to better serve your customers.
  • Protecting Your FI from Digital Fraud Trends while Balancing Customer Experience: Online shopping became a lifeline for consumers in 2020. Fraudsters took note, using digital channels to perpetrate increasingly sophisticated fraud from the comfort of their homes. In this session, learn how our proprietary Linked Analysis and a host of fraud-fighting tools can provide both a secure and seamless experience to your customers.
  • Taking Digital Banking Experiences to the Next Level: Digital banking continues to evolve and improve user experiences. Learn what systems and capabilities are being added to enhance the Lumin Digital experience and how data and artificial intelligence (AI) are making digital banking more personal and helpful.


Special Theme Event: Tacos and Tequila with Angelo Sosa

*Registration for the Tacos and Tequila with Angelo Sosa event is now closed.

Enjoy tacos and a tequila tasting with Top Chef contestant Angelo Sosa. Chef Angelo has had success on Top Chef Season 7 and Top Chef All-Stars. In 2020, he competed on Top Chef All-Stars LA. One of Angelo’s Top Chef dishes even won a NASA competition that sent his short ribs into space. In 2019, his restaurant Death by Tequila won “Best New Restaurant” by San Diego Magazine.

Meal kits for this interactive cooking experience will be sent to each attendee. The kits serve two people and two samples of tequila for the tasting.

In order to participate in this special theme event, you must register by June 2nd. 

Tacos and Tequila with Angelo Sosa
5:30 to 6:30 p.m. ET
Tuesday, June 8, 2021